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Instructor Liz will talk you through your driving lessons. No more worrying about if the instructor will yell at you for making a mistake, as you will be talked through every aspect of the lesson. You will be taught the correct way to control the vehicle, how to do your manouvers, and learn how to deal with troublesome situations.

Liz has formulated a comprehensive curriculum, which covers so much MORE than what is required to pass the practical driving test. It is designed to give drivers the information to be safe and confident drivers for life. 

Liz has been teaching all levels and ages of students how to drive confidently since 1997. After many years of learning how her students react to certain situations, she has formulated methods and procedures that will keep you safe behind the wheel.

These podcast lessons can be listened to; before getting behind the wheel – to know what to expect. During the lesson – to have Instructor Liz talk you through the procedure (so your supervising driver knows what to help you with) . And after the lesson – to remind you to stick to the tried and tested methods, that thousands of her other students have used to learn to drive.


Follow her instructions for happy, safe and confident driving!

Lessons coming soon: Lane Changing, Slip lanes, parallel reverse parking, 90 degree angle parking, Motorway driving

Liz is the instructor you have always wanted!

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