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Liz Lafferty

Master Driver Trainer

Teaching your learner to drive? Don't know where to start?

Full driving lessons to be used in-car as if the instructor is sitting next to you. Click subscribe to let Master Driver Trainer Liz teach your learner.
Sit back, relax and let Liz do the teaching!

Master Driver Trainer Liz Lafferty will talk you through your driving lessons.

No more worrying about if the instructor will yell at you for making a mistake, as you will be talked through every aspect of the lesson. You will be taught the correct way to control the vehicle, how to do your manouvers, and learn how to deal with troublesome situations.

Liz has been teaching all levels and ages of students how to drive confidently since 1997.

After many years of learning how her students react to certain situations, she has formulated methods and procedures that will help every student become more confident, and techniques to keep you safe behind the wheel.

These lessons are designed to be used in your vehicle, as if Liz is sitting next to you talking you through the lesson. Guaranteed no yelling!

Subscribers;  You will have access to all the full driving lessons, and may repeat them as often as you need, so you can practice and become confident when driving.

This course is perfect for the new Learner driver, as it will be taking you from the first moment in the vehicle – understanding controls and how to use your pedals and correct steering techniques, all the way through to parking and high speed merging and lane changing.

It will allow your supervising driver (Mum, Dad, carers) to feel confident they are giving you the correct information about learning to drive.

For the fully licenced drivers, who are looking to better understand roundabouts, merging on freeways or simply better driving techniques, this will be not only a brush up on your driving techniques, but a real eye opener, as your driving will become more relaxed and skilled after following Liz’s instructions.

Although Liz is based on the Gold Coast, Australia, her techniques and methods will be able to be used in any car no matter the country (local road rules must be obeyed), even left hand drive vehicles.

Fun and easy to understand lessons, Liz will keep you calm and relaxed, making it easy to learn to be a more confident driver.

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Don’t know where the blind spots are? Don’t know when to check them? Liz will answer those questions and also explain why mirror checks are not good enough (especially on the test!). You will also learn why to check them before steering our vehicle more than 1 metre sideways, and why not to do excessive blind spot checks.


Mady Lavis
Mady Lavis
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I can honestly say that Liz is the most patient, knowledgeable able and experienced driving instructor! She knows how to teach effectively from beginning to experienced drivers in all situations — her teaching style is different from other instructors in a very good way. I highly recommend Liz and Helensvale Driver Training for all learner drivers, whether you are just beginning or even if you have some prior experience! You definitely will not regret it 🙂
Adil Kair
Adil Kair
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Such an amazing instructor! Extremely patient, has a wide variety of knowledge and experience and teaches you the best way to do things correctly and efficiently. I’m very confident about my P’s test thanks to her help!!!
barry lopez
barry lopez
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Best driving school in Gold Coast. Especially Liz! She gave me very professional and useful lesson, and I immediately passed my driving test. She definitely provides you with all the tips and rules, which are expected to be known during the test. Liz is very friendly and nice as well. Definitely would recommend Liz and Helensvale Driver Training to all.
jayden boys
jayden boys
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Easy the best driving instructor around, giving clear and gentle directions, continually moving forward in progressing driving skills. I’ve had many different driving instructors before they can be way to harsh and demanding during driving lessons and it just causes panic and just a faul sense when it comes to driving, but with Liz it’s the most controlled and most fun driving lessons I’ve had.
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