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Introduction to the Art of Confident Driving

Driving is something many of us do daily, but how often to we pay enough attention to it? Most...

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Lesson 2. Steering part 1 – Hand over Hand

Lesson 2. Steering - Hand over hand Hand over hand steering is used to turn the wheels quickly. There...

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Introduction to confident driving

Why are some drivers more confident than others? Liz will explain the difference between fake confidence and true confidence...

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Driving Test Tips Part 1

Liz has presented thousands of students for their practical driving test, in this episode, she will give you some...

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Lesson 5. Steering Part 2 Pull-Push

Lesson 5 Steering part 2 Pull-Push steering. This style of steering is the most used day-to-day driving, as it...

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Enjoy the Drive/Sunday Drive

When did driving become a chore? When did we lose the feeling of pleasure when getting behind the wheel?...

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