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Motivate Me please Liz!

Motivation. 2024 Happy New Year! It’s easy to be motivated at the start of the year, but how do we keep the motivation going? When learning to drive, trying to lose weight, keeping away from the booze, or any other task that we want to achieve, we can get setbacks or have problems keeping on track. In this episode, Instructor Liz explains why it’s so important to have a set goal and take small but consistent steps to achieve our dream! For learner drivers (or drivers wanting to upskill) it is often too hard to even think about diving straight into traffic or complex manouvers, but by setting smaller goals, it is so much easier to achieve and with less stress. Listen to Liz give an example of her own lack of motivation, and how she overcame it.

Full driving lessons available here: Home – The Art of Confident Driving

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