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Enjoy the drive/Sunday drive

When did driving become a chore? When did we lose the feeling of pleasure when getting behind the wheel? We need to reclaim our sense of fun when we are driving! Liz will tell you why happy drivers are safer drivers, and why we need to practice “Mindful Driving” (which won’t take much effort) to…

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Driving Test Tips, Part 1

Liz has presented thousands of students for their practical driving test, in this episode, she will give you some excellent tips and tricks to calm the nerves, and pass the test easily!

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Introduction to the Art of Confident Driving

Driving is something many of us do daily, but how often to we pay enough attention to it? Most of the time, we will work it out the hard way when it comes to driving situations, but I want to give road users the knowledge and skills to be confident in any situation.
Mindful driving…. How many of us don’t really pay attention when we drive? Sometimes resulting in a late reaction or scare, that literally wakes us up?!? We need to remind ourselves that driving is not only an important job, but other people are relying on us to keep them safe.

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