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The Expert Interviews – Julian O’Shea: Are Truckzillas too big for Aussie Streets?

I was thrilled to have a chat with Julian O’Shea – A Monash University Lecturer, as well as; social entrepreneur, humanitarian engineer and advocate for innovation in higher education. He creates educational videos on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram about design, cities and interesting places.

After reading his article in the Sydney Morning Herald, I knew I had to ask him to talk to us more about this obsession some drivers have of oversized trucks. During our chat, I was finding out about so many more issues we will be soon be having to tackle, as we make our way around and through our cities to work, shop and play and live happily. How do we do this, without bringing more vehicles into the already congested traffic areas?

Consumers choosing to drive Truckzillas (oversized Utes/SUV’s) on suburban roads are on the rise, but so is the pedestrian casualty rates! Is this just a new craze for American oversized Dodge/Rams trucks on our roads, or is it truly a significant safety issue for Australian motorists and road users?

Listen for free now! Also, please excuse a couple of little mistakes (I kept calling electric scooters mobility scooters! LOL) – it was only my second ever recorded interview, and yes, I was a tiny bit nervous!) Enjoy the drive, Liz.

Liz has her full driving lessons available here: Home – The Art of Confident Driving

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The Instructor Interviews: John – Manual vehicle

Liz sits down with Instructor John to have a chat about Learner drivers, parents, road rules and what many drivers do wrong!

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Lesson. Give way basics

How often have you thought “I could have taken that gap” or “whoops, I shouldn’t have pulled out in front of that other driver”? Instructor Liz will give you the knowledge to understand how to give way correctly in this lesson for Give Way Basics. You will be taught where to be looking when giving way, what road markings and signs to look for, and how to select a safe gap. As always, Liz will make it clear and logical for drivers to understand how to give way correctly. For access to full driving lessons and instructional videos go to Home – The Art of Confident Driving

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Mini Lesson – Mirrors

Mirrors. Which one can I rely on to use for my lane changes? Why shouldn’t I trust my side mirror for lane changes? In this mini lesson, Instructor Liz will explain how to use your mirrors correctly. Remember: mirrors should be checked every 5-8 seconds on single lane roads, and every 3-5 seconds on multi-laned…

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Enjoy the drive/Sunday drive

When did driving become a chore? When did we lose the feeling of pleasure when getting behind the wheel? We need to reclaim our sense of fun when we are driving! Liz will tell you why happy drivers are safer drivers, and why we need to practice “Mindful Driving” (which won’t take much effort) to…

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Driving Test Tips, Part 1

Liz has presented thousands of students for their practical driving test, in this episode, she will give you some excellent tips and tricks to calm the nerves, and pass the test easily!

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Introduction to the Art of Confident Driving

Driving is something many of us do daily, but how often to we pay enough attention to it? Most of the time, we will work it out the hard way when it comes to driving situations, but I want to give road users the knowledge and skills to be confident in any situation.
Mindful driving…. How many of us don’t really pay attention when we drive? Sometimes resulting in a late reaction or scare, that literally wakes us up?!? We need to remind ourselves that driving is not only an important job, but other people are relying on us to keep them safe.

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